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MTD VAT Group Submission


I am trying to submit a VAT return for the first time using MTD. I am running three separate sets of accounts under one group registration. How do I consolidate and submit all three at the same time to HMRC?

hi @ProdExch,

Unfortunately this isn’t supported through QuickFile. You can only submit a return against one VAT number.

I have found this on the HMRC website:

So, you could export the VAT return for all three, merge them on a spreadsheet and then use the Bridging Module in quickfile to upload this merged return - you would need to make sure you have the correct gateway account linked.

MTD for VAT groups does not come in until 1 October 2019.

It’s not compulsory to register until then but if you’ve already registered for MTD with HMRC then you can’t go back to the old system so the OP may no longer have a choice in this particular case.

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