MTD VAT Return adding previous Q's figures

I am trying to find some VAT figures for October 2019, however when I run the report July/August and September figures are still in the report, the date of report is 01/10/19 to 31/12/19??
Also MTD page showing as file for September but nothing in the VAT returns page?

Hi @beancounter99,

If it is pulling transactions from a previous return through then you will need to re-save the return for the previous period.

You may find that you have rolled back the return which is why it isn’t showing up. This will ‘undo’ the return on QuickFile but does not roll it back within HMRC so would still show as filed there

The VAT return is there in the MTD screen as all filed and correct but not showing in initial vat return screen, it hasn’t been rolled back

Hi @beancounter99,

If it is showing as filed on the MTD screen, have you filed outside of QuickFile? There is a little tickbox in the corner when you view VAT returns:


It may be worth just having a look to see if there are any rolled back there

No it was filed in Quickfile, there was a bit of an issue with it though, I had to come back later to make sure it had gone through

If it was filed within QuickFile but isn’t showing in your VAT returns list then it must have been rolled back. If you’d like me to check your account then I can do so.

You just need to send me a private message with your QuickFile account number

How do I send private message?

I have just sent one to you

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