MTD VAT return cash accounting filing problem

I have recently signed up to Quickfile and am trying to submit my VAT return for this quarter. I use a cash accounting basis and have selected this in my settings. However, when I go to submit my VAT return it says ‘Accrual Accounting’ in the top left hand corner.

Also, I cannot submit my return as I get this error message!!
Vat return failed as there may be a discrepancy in the VAT return. We will automatically investigate this and we will contact you with further information ASAP. We advise you not to file this information with HMRC until we have completed our analysis.

I have checked my settings are set to cash accounting and my start date is 01/01/2019.

Who do I contact to help me sort this? When will the error be looked into?

I hope you can help me with this.
thanks Jane

Hi @JaneH,

Sorry to hear you are having problems. It may be to do with when you altered your settings. You will need to go into your ‘failed’ VAT return and roll it back.

Are you using MTD? If so - you will then need to go into Reports > HMRC and generate your return from here. Check that it says Cash accounting before submitting it again.

Please let me know if you are still having problems.

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