MTD VAT return including an out-of-scope invoice

the logic behind the summation of the UK/EU sales from posted invoices has a bug.

It collects , but it shouldn’t, sales to non-EU based companies where VAT isn’t charged.

So beware those of you making a Q2 vat return soon, you’ll need to manually amend the submission

Hi @robjhallett

Can I check, were the invoices flagged as such (e.g. “out of scope”)?

yes, and the vat shown on the invoice was zero, and the supplier set as USA based.

The MTD consolidator applied a fictitious VAT amount, and then added this to UK/EU turnover which is wrong.

Let me send you a private message to get a few more details about this, and we’ll take a look.

For anyone else who comes across this thread:
If you have an invoice that is out of scope, it would need to flagged as such. If it’s enabled at a client-level, it also needs to be enabled at an invoice level.

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