MTD Vat return issue

I am unable to submit my VAT return for 3oth June which was due by 7th August.
I have registered for MTD and have linked the quickfile programme to HMRC. So far so good.
However when I try to do the new return, the programme only displays the last 3 vat retun periods and will not let me submit a new one. See image.

I have tried rolling back the vat return (after deselecting the online button) and recreating it but no joy.

Hello @Roger_Laing

The periods you see there are the ones that HMRC sends us. If you log into your HMRC account directly, do you see any more periods?

It may be worth giving them a call to see if they’d be able to help with this.

When I log into our VAT account it shows the return submitted for 1/1/19 to 31/3/19 and it also says there are no other returns due!! It says that bit will become visible on the first day of the return period etc. Very confusing!

I would suggest giving HMRC a call as they would be able to see more on their side of things than what we can. If you call the VAT helpline and explain that you can’t see any open periods, I’m sure they will be able to resolve this for you.

I have the very same issue and it applies to the last 2 no. quarters.
HMRC Vat helpline has not managed to sort and they redirect to the accounts S/W.
(The original problem was a mismatch on company registered address differing from that in QF settings, but this was resolved back in June by HMRC and the block was apparently removed)
Help please as this is getting stressful. Applies equally to our 2 no. companies registered with QF.
No problems before MTD .

Hi @bionordic

What periods are you seeing compared to what you are expecting?


03/19 and 06/19 are missing in each case.

what are seen:
Companies 1 and 2 respectively:
Open VAT Obligations listed are:
12/18 (submitted 07 Feb 19)
09/18 (submitted 07 Nov 18)

Hi @bionordic,

As this is the information given to us by HMRC it may be worth contacting them to let them know that you are missing periods. Have you checked if you can see the expected dates when you log into HMRC directly?

Hi Beth,
Thanks for reply.
I have advised them on multiple occasions via telephone that we are missing periods.
I have written again today via their online VAT enquiry form.
The periods do not display on our online HMRC VAT account and it states none are due despite 12/18 being the last historic period.
There is a message stating that no vat returns can be undertaken online via HMRC due to us being signed up to MTD.

Hi @bionordic,

When you log in with HMRC you should still see the upcoming periods, even if you are signed up for MTD so this is something that unfortunately you will need to resolve with them.

sorry we couldn’t help

Hi Beth,
Thank you for clarifying…it helps to know.
I shall focus efforts on HMRC until this is resolved.

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