Multi currencies, multi Stripe/Paypal accounts

I just had a quick go at QuickFile but unfortunately it doesn’t look like it meets all our requirements.

We’re a software company and we sell multiple products in multiple currencies (GBP, EUR, USD). We need PayPal and Stripe integrations.

It appears the PayPal integration doesn’t support multiple currencies (well… there’s the option to convert to GBP but it feels like that’s going to cause all kinds of problems later when a human is comparing QuickFile and PayPal…) and only one Stripe account can be connected to.

If there have been recent developments in this area let me know!

if you want more than one paypal or stripe account connected to quickfile to get your data automatically transferred from paypal/stripe into quickfile then you can use zapier.
Note: You cannot use zapier to take payments for invoices created in quickfile.

Hope this helps

Yeah, I saw that in another thread, but it gets pricey quickly (we have a fair few low value transactions) and it’s more complexity in a solution than I’d want.

We have been asking that for years now… :frowning:
So +1 here.