Multi Currency Paypal feed question


I’m trying to sort out a problem my bank account and quickfile being out of sync.

I think ehe issue is because of the paypal feed being multi currency.

My initial thread was here:

I’ve since come across your multi currency feature from a tweet you did in June here: and enabled it.

Will this sort the issue out?

When I’ve integreated it initally, its caused the balances between Quickfile and my bank account to be different.
You can see the 1st discrepency here:

Bank Acc:


The diffference between them is the 63p which is being pulled in from paypal

There’s loads more after this one as well.

If this multi currency otion doesn’t work do I need to remove the paypal account and start again with tagging it?


Multi-currency is generally supported on QuickFile in so far as you can create sales and purchase invoices in currencies other than GBP, you can also pay these into GBP bank accounts or accounts denominated in any other currency, e.g. USD, EUR etc.

The PayPal feed however cannot fully handle multi-currency transactions as the PayPal feed does not supply the exchange rate and this is applied several days later. This is something I’ve explained in more detail in other threads. For that reason the PayPal fee will only import GBP entries, any other items will be ignored.

See my quote below:

Hi Glenn,

Right ok, I thought this might of been a new option when i found the tweet.

So am I best just removing that paypal account (feed) and starting the tagging
again without having an auto feed?

How would i then tag affiliate commissions, paying freelancers, buying products
etc if its done in bulk?


The feed becomes very problematic when a big percentage of your PayPal income is in USD, EUR or some other foreign currency. If you only have occassional foreign currency entries you may just be able to fill in the gaps manually.

As for breaking down the income you’d just create a single invoice with multiple lines correlating to the sub-amounts collected, e.g. normal sales, affiliate commission etc. The invoice would match the total pulled from the PayPal report and you’d then just pay this invoice into the Paypal merchant account. This leaves you with no manual reconciliation.

You don’t need to delete the PayPal merchant account you just need to get it reconciled to a specific date (perhaps a month end) then thereafter just log sales periodically to a single invoice.

This bulk logging process is covered in more detail here.

Thanks for your help Glenn. I didn’t realise paypal transactions would be so complex to account for.

The paypal account is currently on auto feed though, how can i switch this off as its messing things up having it on.


If i deleted the feed would it remove the paypal account from within quickfile?

No if you delete the feed it won’t delete the account. It will just stop new transactions from automatically importing.

If you go to the list of bank accounts, look for the green button “Feed Settings”, from within here you can delete the feed part.

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