Multi-Invoice Entry Screen - Allow importing for different suppliers and nominal codes

Hi, I cant seem to open this screen to start entering a batch of purchase invoices, is it something I have to switch on in the settings?
I only get the option to create a new invoice not to bulk enter any.
Also, is it possible to tag different lines in a purchase invoice to different projects?



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I’ve managed to find it, I didn’t realise it was just for one supplier, - however, is there or is there going to be a way of entering a list of purchase invoices for different suppliers and different nominal accounts (and different project tabs too)?
If you crack that, you will have the accountant/bookkeeping world eating out of your hands, especially converts from sage - as this is what sage (desktop version) does brilliantly well.
Liquid is the only cloud system that does this at the moment, and it doesn’t do it very well.
I’ve been with a client this morning showing them how to use the system, they love it, but this could be the deal breaker between them switching from sage to quickfile!

Thank you for your feedback, I think as this feature isn’t currently available the best thing to do for now is to convert this topic to a “feature request”. This will allow other users to add their vote and comment further.

In the mean time have you considered importing your invoices on a spreadsheet (CSV)? This would allow you to bulk import multiple invoices to different suppliers and nominal codes.

Guide: Bulk importing sales and purchase invoices

I’ve considered this, but because sage does this bit so well, that for the client, it is easier to stay were they are.
For clients where there are a few purchase invoices a month, its fine to input them one at a time, but entering 50 or so invoices on a spreadsheet sheet line by line to import just isn’t an option, I know we could use lots of excel tricks to make it easier, but feel that’s not the point, you’re putting in extra processes where at the moment there is only one.
You are right though, It will be interesting to see if any one else agrees, as I know I’m looking at it from an accountants point of view, and we can be a stuck in the mud sort of bunch, always doing what we have always done. This particular way of entering makes it really quick to get lots of information on the system though!
Thanks for your response though - I’m still recommending QF to a lot of my clients.

I agree, there is a slight difference in the way accountants work, and to be honest from the onset we focused primarily on freelancers and small business owners, which shaped the interface we have today. I know accountants love the flexibility of spreadsheet style entry and it’s definitely something we would consider.

I don’t think it would be a huge task to adapt the multi-invoice entry page to allow for supplier and nominal code selection for each entry. I’ll see what support we get for this and go from there. Thanks for your input!

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HI Glenn,

Any chance this topic can be re-opened, i have been offline for a few weeks and the topic closes after seven days (doesnt seem a long time)
I would have added my vote and comments to it but cant due to the short time it was open, and being away for a few weeks, is 7 days the normal time a topic is open ?

Sorry, a slightly annoying behaviour whereby the forum auto-closes threads that were moved from one category to another.

Your vote has been added!

In fact this feature has already been implemented on our development system and will be rolled out in a couple of weeks (pending further testing). It will be Affinity only though.

its a shame it will only be available to Affinity customers, i only have use for one account, so affinity isnt suitable, any chance you would consider offering advanced features on a subscription basis for customers that would like to use the extra features, but have no need to use affinity ?

We are launching a power-user subscription in November, so we hope to also include this under that particular module (along with the new advanced customisation tools).

Good to hear, i’ll be signing up for this for sure. Looking forward to it going live.


Fantastic news Glenn, I’m looking forward to using it in the next couple of weeks :smile:
when it comes out - in the meantime, I’m signing up newbie clients thick and fast!
Also, if you want a beta tester - I’d be happy to help!

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I’m pleased to say that this has now been implemented. There is a slight caveat though… currently this feature is only available for those accounts linked to an Affinity dashboard. We will also be making this feature available for those who are subscribed to our advanced toolset (scheduled to go live late November/December).

Anyone looking to trial Affinity will receive a free £10 credit, you can sign-up here. Once the account is created you can link any existing stand-alone QF accounts.

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Brilliant news, thanks Glen, just migrating a sage client across now!

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