Multiple bank accounts

I’m in the process of setting up a new business, and am completely clueless with all things banking and accounting! I’m looking to open a Wise business account so that I can accept payments in different currencies. I’m under the impression that I’ll also need a traditional business bank account with a UK bank to receive UK payments (I am based in the UK).

Can I connect both a Wise business account and a traditional business bank account to my QuickFile account? If so, would this keep track of all my business finances so they’re easily seen in one place (despite being from two different accounts)? Or would I be better off transferring any international payments from Wise to the traditional bank account, and just linking the bank account?

I’m so confused! Sorry - I hope my queries make sense!


Yes you can, you can have as much bank accounts as you want (more or less). Here is a list with all bank accounts which offer the auto feed:

You can also have currency accounts in quickfile

Yes, You will have your banking screen with all your bank accounts (wise, current, cash, merchant account, drawings and so on). And if you want a detailed breakdown of each account just open one of these accounts.

Hope this helps


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