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Hello, I started using quickfile in May 2019, and I got the bank feed started from the 1st of May. Now I need all the bank details from now to May 2017. How do I import all of them instead of manually please? It is going to take a lot of typing, and an official body wants my profit and loss etc from the date we started trading. Please can someone help?

Hello @Donducebjonos

If you are able to get a CSV export from your bank, you can import this straight into your account.

Who do you bank with?

Hello Matthew, sorry, didnt see your post. Barclays, thanks for replying. Donducébjonos. Hi, sorry, me again, what is a CSV export? what does CSV stand for please? How do I import it? Sorry!!!

CSV is a “Comma Split Value” file. Most banks offer these as a way to download your statement or recent transactions from your online banking account.

If you log into your online banking account, you should see an option to “Export”. Somme label the file as “CSV”, while others label it as “Excel”.

Hi, thanks for your message; sorry for late reply: dinner! The only option I can get apparently with Barclays is a PDF file. Any suggestions? thanks Donducébjonos

Ok, I will try that, thanks. Ok, I have got excel spreadsheet downloaded from bank. Where is the import bit on quickfile please? Cant find it anywhere. Thanks


You need to be viewing the bank account you wish to upload into.

It is then More options > Upload Statement I would suggest selecting other from the drop down. This way you can make sure the correct headings are over the correct columns before importing.

Hello, its me again. First of all thank you for all your help so far. I have now set everything up and have imported bank details, brilliant. Next problem. I have two companies and would like to know how i use the transfer money between accounts. I transfer money from one company to another, but when it comes up with ac options, it doesn’t show the other company account. I do not have a directors account or savings. Please can you help? Thanks, Donducébjonos

If you are transferring money between companies, I’m assuming this is like an inter-company loan?

You may be best to do the transfer by setting up an Inter-Company Loan account with each company and doing the transfer through this.

This article may help: Intercompany bank transfer

or this one: Cross company deferred loan

Ok, thanks Beth, I will try that one, you are a star.

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