Multiple Banking feeds

Hi we have two accounts with our bank and I have set up the open banking feed. It has picked up the current account feed but won’t let me add the deposit account feed. Do I need to do something else?

Hi @rentprem,

Unfortunately you can only chose one of the accounts for the open banking feed. You can however set the other one with a Yodlee feed.

Please let me know if you need help with this :slight_smile:

I should have added that savings accounts aren’t currently supported with bank feeds - this is in the pipeline at the moment, so if your second account is a savings one then you’ll have to deal with this one manually for now

Thanks Beth.

I thought it was me and I had missed something in the process.

@rentprem - it’s also worth noting that Yodlee is still available, so it may be worth trying this. When you activate the bank feed, if it suggests Open Banking, you should see a link below the text for Yodlee.

Is there a fundamental difference between a savings account and a current account? Could all bank accounts be designated as “current”? Is there any way of changing a savings (reserve?) account to current?

Hi @henryg,

That would be something you’d need to speak to your bank about. Savings accounts usually have limited accessibility - don’t come with a debit card/cheque book etc.

I meant from a Quickfile viewpoint; to allow bank feed connection.

Hi @henryg,

Sorry for any confustion:

To confirm - if you can access your savings account through online banking then you will be able to set up a Yodlee feed for this.

To use an Open Banking feed - currently Savings accounts aren’t supported - this is with Open Banking and we believe they are hoping to add this in the future.

In QuickFile - you can chose from a drop down to what sort of account it is - ie. Current, Savings, Investments etc. This has no effect on the feeds - so you can set a current account as your savings account if you wish.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Perfect thank you :ok_hand:

Hello, could someone please explain to me how to get bank details onto my quickfile set up. The connection doesn’t seem to work, and all it is showing me is the opening balance which I put in. I have set up the feeds thing with my bank, but nothing has changed? Thanks, Donducébjonos


You may need to refresh the feed to pull in the transactions. You should be prompted for a start date for the transactions :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, how do i do that please? Thanks Donducébjonos

Interesting, I never was asked for a start date.

I won’t use Yodlee as my bank says it contravenes the terms of my accounts. Frightening that this day and age anyone would provide unfettered access to there bank accounts to a third party private company. based in the US.


@Donducebjonos You can refresh the feed by going to More Options > Refresh Bank Feed

@rentprem in regards to the security - this link may be of interest to you : Yodlee Security

Thanks for that, the option more options refresh…where is that? thanks Donducébjonos

Hi @Donducebjonos,

I will send you a private message to help you - look out for the green notification in the top right of the screen.

@rentprem it’s not entirely “unfettered” in that most banks require some sort of two factor verification (text message confirmation or mobile/hardware code generator) to initiate payments to anyone new, but you’re probably right about it being against the terms to give your username and password to a third party. That’s the point of Open Banking, letting you delegate access to your transaction feed without having to hand over your master credentials.

Hi Beth, thanks for your help; managed to set it all up thanks to you.



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