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Multiple Business one email


I am not sure if I am posting this correctly.

I own 2 businesses.

Our accountant only has one email address so when I went to give them access to the 2nd business quickfile said I needed an affinity account to do so.

Both businesses are XL so we pay the additional annual amount and the additional amount for bank feeds.

However, on affinity, it looks like I am going to have to pay to use affinity on top or is affinity free if each business is paying its own licence etc?


The simplest way around it would be to set up a separate email address for the accountant to log in on your second business - for example if you have your own domain name you can probably set up an address like accountant@yourdomain.co.uk to forward to their real email address (or maybe something less guessable so you don’t end up attracting spam).

If you don’t have your own domain you can just register a new gmail address and use that the same way. Or if your primary email is gmail (or a google apps domain) then it’s useful to know that you can add +anything just before the @ and messages will still be delivered to the same place - e.g. if your primary email is example@gmail.com then you could use example+accounts@gmail.com for your accountant login (and you can even set up filters in gmail to forward messages to different places based on the +suffix).


I was going to suggest the same as @ian_roberts,

Affinity is a separate product to the main QuickFile so does have its own costs. You could create an Affinity account and stop paying for the subscription on the other accounts but you would lose the extra features that come with the Power User Subscription.

I would say your best choice would be to set up a dummy email for the accountant to access the other account

Okay, thanks for your help.

Do I need to close off the affinity account or will it just close itself when it runs out of credit?

Don’t want to have a bill appear in the post when the credit runs out

If you unlink the accounts you have linked to Affinity then this will mean there is a £0 charge, but we can delete the account for you if you’d like?

We would just need the affinity account number (you can send this to me in a private message)

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