Multiple entity under one login

Hello, I would really like to use my personal and business accounting from one email, can accounts be linked or is there support for multiple entity access under one login, sorry if this is obvious, just joined today and couldn’t see anything catering this?


This isn’t available within the standalone QuickFile accounts, but we also offer a product called Affinity. This is a separate product, but it comes with it’s own features, including the option to have 1 login for multiple QuickFile accounts.

It’s designed primarily for accountants and bookkeepers, but it can be used to manage multiple accounts too.

Here are some links which you may find helpful:

Thanks Matthew, I did setup an account but looked a bit complicated so will have separate logins for each account now that;s fine.

I would like to close my affinity account - I understand you would need to do this from reading the knowledge base is that right?

Account: 1102402407



That’s right. Will drop you a private message shortly :slight_smile:

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