Multiple PayPal Accounts


I have 2 PayPal accounts. I have set up the feeds but one of the feeds appears to not be working

Have I made a mistake or will it just take a while?

Are multiple PayPal feeds possible?


Hi @richiekk

The feed normally runs in the early hours of the morning and doesn’t pull in historic transactions. When did you set the second feed up?

This post may also be of interest to you:

2 topics 12 months apart almost word for word identical? This concerns me.

Well spotted @Lurch :wink: . Didn’t even notice the similarity!

Yeah, I copied & pasted & amended that other post as I was searching for a solution but the solution offered wasn’t appropriate.

Anyway, I had another try today and I now have 2 PayPal accounts so there is no problem. I guess I did something wrong!

Many thanks anyway

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