Multiple recipients for recurring invoices

How do I set up multiple recipients for recurring invoices?

My client would like to receive the monthly invoice but also have one sent to his accounts manager and I’d like a copy myself too.

Seems easy to do with single invoices but can’t figure out how to do it for recurring invoices.



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This is not currently supported I’m afraid. We could possibly add this in the future but it will massively clutter the invoice entry screen which we go to great lengths to avoid. We’ll look at the options when we revisit this area of the system.

This would certainly be helpful as I have a couple of clients with the same requirements

Has there been any progress on this? I’m just setting up a Quick File account and this is something that would be really helpful.

This is not something we’re currently working on but it is likely to be a feature we will develop although I can’t provide any definitive time frame right now.

Just to add to this thread, similar discussion on another thread.
This one is for CC other people, the other one is to CC ourselves as well.

i add my support for this

I have updated this to “planned”. We will be starting work on this tomorrow.


I’m pleased to say that this feature has been implemented.

Now whenever you preview a recurring invoice template you will always see a list of possible email recipients (much like when you send an invoice manually), you can select a single or any combination of recipients to send to.

There is also an option to CC the invoices to the account holders as and when they are issued.

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