Multiple sets of notes to choose from when creating an invoice

Is it possible to write more than one message to go along with an invoice? I send out invoices for only 3 different jobs and would like to send a different message with each invoice. Is there a way of doing this please?

Right now you can set an account level default that will be adopted for all new invoices. This can be customised in Sales >> Invoice Customisation. I’m afraid there’s currently no way to set and select from more than one set of notes.

I’m happy to switch this to a “Feature Request”, if this feature garners more interest from other users we’ll certain consider adding such functionality.

Just to come at it from a different angle would a ‘copy to new invoice’ button in the view invoices be easier to implement? All you would need to do then is effectively copy all the details to a new invoice but let the system update the invoice number and date. You could then just overwrite/remove any bits that aren’t relevant and leave all of the notes as they are. Would be generally handy actually as I have a couple of invoices each month that are basically the same apart from the description so would save me having to enter client details etc each time.

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