Museum trip - expense?

Hi All,
I am a designer and often go to museums as a source of inspiration or to research. I recently went to the design musem to see the designs of the year exhibition and believe I can claim that as an expense, but not sure the correct way to do this. To me it is close to “training” but I could also put it down to staff welfare?

Anybody dealt with anything similar?



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Are you asking how to enter it or if HRMC will accept it?

I am not an accountant so can’t answer on the latter.

Personally I would put travelling down with the rest of my business travel and would create a custom category for “Research” to admission to make it easier to remove these costs if HMRC say “no”.

It’s your business, custom categories are there so that you can make Quickfile fit what you do rather than you having to fit Quickfile.

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In our own database we have the following entry which I think is similar:

Exhibition, Conference or Trade Fair
Recommended Category: Marketing and Sales Promotions

In your case I would actually add a new nominal code to cover this, as it seems like a routine expense for your type of business.

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It is mainly the best way to log it. I think Glen’s reply bellow clears it. Cheers!

Thanks glen. This is v helpful

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