Must I have a smartphone to use Quickfile?

I’m considering using Quickfile for MTD, being a one-property landlord (not VAT registered).
Must I have smartphone or can I enter e.g. invoice details, by other routes? (Still using my trusty Nokia)

Manually into Quickfile?
Or could I use my wife’s smartphone with ‘my’ copy of Quickfile?
Or could I use a scanner + computer to create/export a PDF of an invoice to Quickfile?

Advice appreciated - Thank you for reading.

Quickfile is a cloud based software and you can use the browser version on any laptop/pc, Mac, tablet or smartphone. They also offer an app for smartphones and tablets to create invoices, see bank accounts and to upload receipts. The app is just to support the browser version to do things on the go.
So, no, you don’t need a smartphone to use quickfile.

Hope this helps

So I can OCR-scan an invoice with printer-scanner (to .RTF format and/or convert to PDF) and insert the resulting file into Quickfile?

Many thanks - P

Yes, you can but only PDF, doc, docx, jpc, … I am not sure about RTF

Fine – I can convert .rtf to .PDF.

Just wasn’t sure I would be able to upload invoice details easily.

Again thanks - P

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