My accountant cant log in

I have create an perosal e mail to one to one of your accountants and also the password, however
he told me he cant log in.
I have tried my self also to enter in QF from other computer but QF dont allow me ,
QF only allow me to enter in QF from my personal laptop
Can you fix this problem please
Many Thanks

Hi @msmarino

Can you confirm what account you are trying to log into please - I’ve found 2 accounts in your name.

they are
email removed
email removed
many thanks

Hi @msmarino

Thank you for those - I’ve removed them from your post to keep them private :slightly_smiling:

I can see on the BM3 account that you have David set up under the address - you should be able to log in fine using this email address as long as you have the password. Have you tried resetting the password (either through the ‘I forgot?’ link or by resetting it through Team Management)?