My Bank feed has stopped

My bank feed has stopped. Its not the first time its happened, and last time I managed to fix it, but somehow I can’t remember how it got back working!
Thanks in advance.

What bank are you using? Are you using the chrome add-on, or the Barclays one on the system?

Are you seeing any error messages?

No, it just stopped feeding in September.
I know that it will stop if not accessed for three months, in the past its been reset, but I cant find a link to ask someone to reset it!

Its Barclays by the way.

I just manually checked your feed and it does appear to be working now. I think perhaps you reactivated it.

Usually the feed stops if it can’t login for 3 or more attempts, this happens if you change the password, disable the passcode login method and very occasionally for other connectivity reasons.

Thanks Glenn!
Not quite sure how I reactivated it, but glad its sorted!

Just checked and the transactions from 7th September have not been imported. Is there anything I can do to import these??

I’ve requested the feed to pull from that date. They should appear in your account within about 15 minutes.

Fantastic, thanks Glenn!

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Hi there,
My bank feed has stalled again on 9th October.
Is there anyway that I can restore it or is it something only you guys can do.
I’ve just upgraded to power user, not sure if that makes any difference.
Many thanks

I’ve ran that feed for you.

Unfortunately the Barclays feed can never be made to be 100% reliable, given how we extract the information. It’s very much subject to website changes or maintenance at Barclays.

There is an active request with Barclays to add a proper data feed:

May be worth adding your vote!

In the mean time re-saving your Barclays credentials will activate the feed, any missing entries should then be picked up when it next runs.

You can also download the Chrome Extension so you can export any Barclays entries yourself.