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Continuing the issue of bank feeds that don’t seem to work: I have two separate accounts: the first is with RBS, the second with NatWest.

On clicking on the Chrome extension link, RBS asks me to redirect, so I do this and then the bank feed macro starts and reveals the menu. However, when I click on ‘import statement’, it asks for me to enter the RBS password - all the other data it has remembered. So I do so and save, and then the macro stops with the page asking me for security no and password. So, I end up entering everything manually. Next time I use the chrome extension, the macro has not remembered the password.

With NatWest, I have the same problem with the natwest password not being remembered by the macro, but once I enter the password into the macro box, the macro runs fine and imports the statement automatically.

Any ideas?
Thanks, Dan

You posted on the Barclays auto-feed page so I’ve moved you to a new thread.

We didn’t create the RBS bank feed, a QuickFile user contributed this script a couple of years ago. If it doesn’t work any longer we will remove it from the list of feed options.

Unfortunately it’s not practical for us to support all the different feeds. None of the big UK banks have a public API, so we rely on parsing the web pages, this is far from ideal as when the banks change their pages, the feeds inevitably break. Also we need to open and maintain business accounts for all the different banks.

Hi Glen, Dan.

I am that Quick File user. I’ve just spotted this thread in the email Digest.

The current implementation of the RBS website has changed slightly since I ported the functions over. The statement uploads to Quick File still work (I use them weekly) but the login seems to have changed over the years and currently needs to be entered manually in the website fields.

I’m happy to have another look at it to see if this can be fixed.

If this is still within Quick File’s aims Glenn, please PM me so we can make this work again.

Kind regards,



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