My client is also my supplier

I have a customer who are also a supplier I need to be able to do this one of two ways.

  1. Either raise a credit note that doesn’t come off a certain invoice and is credited to the account not refunded. This is my preferred way as its actually commission with deductions which if I haven’t done enough work for them the deductions outweigh the commission and it means everything from one commission statement can be put on one document.

  2. If the above way can’t be done I need to set them up as a supplier too but I want all the invoices to be on the same account as the customer one rather than have two accounts for the same company.

If you have a client who is also a supplier, the way to handle it would be a contra-invoicing bank account. You can’t set a client as a supplier to share invoices etc, but the contra account would allow you to do it to an extent. This should allow you to raise credit notes etc as you please. May be worth checking this topic out for a bit more detail:

Hope that helps!

Thank you.

Is there no way to raise a credit note and not refunding it without selecting an invoice? I used to be able to do this and just credit the account

I have a similar situation where our customer charges us a 5% fee on turnover. Our product is vat exempt but their fees / invoices have VAT. I want to be able to claim this VAT and see all money in / out against their account. tips welcome James @ Boom Kitchen

Hi @mrboom

Do you invoice them, and they invoice you? If so, the best way to handle it is likely to be a contra-invoice bank account to track these.

yep they do.
just making up 20 characters now :slight_smile:

In that case I think the contra account is the best way to handle it.

So where you would normally invoice each other, you would pay it from a new bank account on QuickFile created for contra-invoicing.

For example, if you invoice them for £100, and they invoice you for £100, mark both the purchase and the sales invoice as paid from the contra-account and they cancel each other out. Where there’s a difference, the bank balance would reflect that.

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