My Inventory items seem to appear or not randomly

Some of my inventory items do not show when creating an invoice. I have included a category called children’s garment but it reverts to “children” and defaults to 20% VAT in the inventory listings and doesn’t show up on the inventory list on the invoice. Must be something I’m doing wrong but I’m blowed if I can work out what!!

I’m not sure if you’re confusing categories (nominal accounts) with inventory items?

Categories (1) just tell QuickFile which nominal account the sale needs to be posted to. Inventory items (2) are a way to create templates with an item name, description, amount, and category.

I am going into inventory items from the left hand dashboard menu and adding them there. It won’t add from the add new item in the item column.


OK thanks for clarifying, I will take a quick a look and get back to you shortly.


We have identified an issue with certain items and are working on a fix. I will update you as soon as this has been addressed (hopefully today).


OK this has been fixed! It should now allow you to import the item you mentioned and it will also show in full on the inventory screen.

Thanks, Glenn, I had noticed they were coming through properly for a little while but didn’t realise that you had actually looked at it and put it right. Sorry, I am inundated at the moment and have only just got round to some admin!

Kind regards

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