My Net Wages are not on my profit and loss

Hi Everyone

I’m not sure If i have done this right but the staff wages I pay, I tagged them from my bank account to net wages and I’ve noticed they have not showed on my p&l

Have I done this wrong and is there a quick fix?

I don’t pay nic or paye for them as they’re part time staff.

Any help will be appreciated, I have tried to look at older posts but don’t really understand


Hello @6131503768

There are 2 ways payroll can be recorded. As you have no NIC / PAYE, you just need to turn off one of the settings in Advanced Features (under Account Settings).

There’s more information on how this works etc., here: Recording payroll

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Thank you for the help, I have change the current years net wages, but I can’t seem to change the previous years as I did the year end etc, do you know how to correct this please?

Thanks again for your help

It’s likely that you would need to go back and update the previously created payroll journals. However, if they are locked (e.g. because of a year end process) you wouldn’t be able to edit them. You would first need to undo the year end locks first.

But take a look, and if they are locked, we’ll help you with the locks :slight_smile:

Let me know how you get on

Hi yes it is locked and it will not let me change anything, I have tried to look how to do this but can’t find anything, can you give me instructions please on how to unlock the the year end and then change or untag the wages etc? Thank you, I need to get this done asap…

Hi @6131503768,

If it is locked by Year End you will need to remove the associated journal to release the lock. The only issue you may have with this is if you go about changing figures when you re-run the Year End tool the figures will be different than what had been reported previously

Hi Beth

Thanks, yes I have to change my self assessment, I have a few days to do it.

But I just don’t know what I’m looking for regards the journals etc.
The main ones I need to change were tagged from the bank account and it won’t let me change them.

I’m not very good at this stuff, I’ve tried following other institutions on here, but get no where,

Any help would be much appreciated

Thank you

@6131503768 - Let me send you a private message and we can hopefully help you with this further.

You should see a green notification in the top right corner shortly.

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