My PayPal account is not importing any new transactions

We have been using QuickFile as our accounting software for quite a while now and have not really had any issues before however for some reason our PayPal transactions are now taking days importing into quickfile. We create all our invoices through QuickFile to send out to our customers and while this is not working it is meaning our dispatch time is being slowed down as we cannot create the required paperwork.
Has something changed anywhere and we need to tick a box somewhere or am I just being too impatient?
I hope this makes sense and a simple solution is available.
Thank you for any help.

If you have the PayPal feed enabled the transactions should download once every 24 hours at around 2am. Is this not happening in your account?

If you need to get the entries faster there’s a blue button on the PayPal merchant statement to get the most recent activity.

Manually downloading PayPal transactions

I’ve noticed on my paypal feed that 99% of the time it works as it should, but on rare occasions when it does it’s 2am update it does fail to pick up a chunk of sales from the previous 24 hours, leaving the balance wrong.

Trying to manually import the missing transactions during the day does not import the missing transactions from the day before, because it will only update new transactions from after the automatic download.

However, I’ve found that on every occasion, when it comes around to the next automatic update, it will grab the previously missing transactions and the balance is correct again.

I’m not entirely sure why that would happen. If it occurs again let me know and we’ll take a closer look.

It’s only happened about 3 times, so it’s no biggie, especially since it always corrects itself on the next download anyway.

I am always logging in and out of my paypal account for various reasons, and being a bit of a night owl it is not unknown for me to quickly log on in the early hours of the morning.

I’m actually wondering whether on the rare occasions where I’ve had the problem with the incomplete download, if it has been because I happened to log into my paypal account at the same time.

I don’t think it will be related to logging into PayPal at the same time. Although if we can see it happening we can go through the logs for that day and try to figure out the reason.

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