My reccuring invoices haven't been emailed?

I have a problem here because I am not sure if my clients have been emailed their monthly recurring invoices. I have all of them scheduled for 20th of each month. To be sure that they have all been send to client I have ticked by each recurring invoice that apart of going to client they all have to be also forwarded to my email address. Because of that on 20th of each month I always have over 100 (because that many monthly invoices we issue) emails send with those invoices. But not today. Today in my email box I found only one invoices. In QF they all have been marked as send though- send to the client and forwarded to myself. Because they haven’t been really fowarded to myself I am concerned that they also haven’t been send to my clients. Can you tell me how can I check if they really been send to my clients (or not) other then asking client which I wouldn’t like to do. Thank you.

Hello @Iwona1

Do you have a Power User Subscription?

If so, you can go to Account Settings >> All Settings >> Sent Email Log. This will show you all emails we have sent linked with your account.

It may or may not be related to your issue but I have encountered a lot of more general email issues over the past couple of weeks with emails that I have been receiving for years suddenly going to spam including some, but not all, copy invoices and overdue reminders. I also had a call from a customer today who had had his overdue notice but not the original invoice.

I think that the there must have been a major update in spam filtering algorithms by the main email providers.

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