My Sales don't add up correctly on my VAT return

I have recorded all my worldly and cash register sales and they display correctly under sales but when I go to create a Vat return , under half seem to appear in there. Any Ideas?

Hi @handbagqueen73,

it could be to do with the dates - have you double checked the dates of the transactions and the dates for the VAT return. I would also check your VAT start date too.

Once you have run the VAT return you can download the calculations and see what has been included.

Hope this helps, but if you are still having problems then let me know :slight_smile:

The “download calculations” option on the vat return creation screen is your best friend here, it will tell you exactly which sales and purchases are being considered as part of the calculation. Hopefully you’ll see a pattern to the ones that are missing.

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I had the same problem. For me it was caused by incorrectly selecting VAT as out of scope under the customer details. I had done this for foreign customers, but should have set it to normal VAT treatment and set VAT to zero percent. After correcting the customer details I had to also delete the invoices and recreate them in order to get them to be included in the VAT report.

That shouldn’t be necessary, but you may have to go through the individual invoices and untick their respective out of scope boxes before you change the customer settings. If you change the setting first then the existing invoices will still be marked out of scope in the database but there will be no way to change them as the tickbox no longer shows on the editing page.


Just following up to see whether you managed to resolve your issue?

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