Name of the buyer on the invoice

Hi, I’m a sole trader self-employer. A new one. I am using a trading name, even at the HMRC return.
When I sign a contract with a shipping company, or request an invoice/bill what name should I ask to put on it?
My personal name (Janos Szabo) or my chosen trading name (Biovitarex)? So which name is necesary on my incoming invoices to use as expenses?
Thank you in advance!

Hi @Janos

As long as HMRC are aware of your trading name, then that should be fine.

Thank you!
How and where can I check if HMRC really aware my trading name?
Am I have more different trading names?
Sorry for the new-bye questions…

Normally this would be declared either when you register for self employment, or at the point you submit your self assessment. The best thing to do would be to contact HMRC directly and double check with them.