Naming The Dropbox Quickfile Receipts Folder

As accountants we have a number of clients now on Quickfile for their bookkeeping. However as the number grows we are finding it more difficult to find the correct folder within Dropbox/Apps/Quickfile Receipts.

Is there any way of changing the file name to include the company name as well as the Quickfile reference to make it easier for us to locate the correct client folder without having to manually look up the Quickfile reference each time we need to save client receipts?

I have tried a number of different things but it just stops the integration and importing of the receipts.

Anything you can do to make life easier for us Accountants would be appreciated

I’ll refer this to a developer. I’m not sure how easy it would be to implement this without maintaining a separate list of folder names? Ideally if it can work along the following naming convention it shouldn’t be too difficult:

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I had attempted to rename the way you suggested as that would be fine for us but the integration stopped working and the receipts weren’t uploaded into Receipt Hub.

If the developers could do something so that the file name could include both the Quicfile reference and a client name it would assist us greatly.


Apologies for missing this one. The feature mentioned by the OP was implemented last month:

More information here.

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