NaN on bank statement counter

Is there any known issues with the banking area, doesn’t seem to be working right for me although it doesn’t effect what I’m doing it does help when adding payments up to the same supplier, see picture below

I wasn’t able to replicate that, can you reproduce the error? Are you able to provide any specific steps?

Cant remember what exactly was doing to get this, although i must note that is not the first time, this has happened on 3 or 4 other occasions over the previous months, i can only assume at that time, i have performed the same actions/clicks/navigation.

It is possible that it wont happen again in the next seven days, if it happens after this, this current topic/support thread will be closed, if at this time i mange to work out how its happening, do i create another thread again ?

I’ve removed the auto-close on this thread so you can report back here if you’re able to reproduce the error. I’ll also refer this to a developer to tomorrow to see if they can possibly shed any light on this.

Ok, i will update if i can re-produce the error.


I have come across the same issue again, it seems to happen when tagging payments, and de-tagging them, im, struggling to get payments to match a suppliers invoices, so i am tagging some and untagging others to make sure the paid invoices are paid in the correct vat periods.

i have included another screenshot again of the error.

note: when i am tagging i search by supplier reference and also click the circle at top right just to show untagged transactions, although this doesnt seem to work all the time and can reset the search.

Thats the best that i can describe i have done to try re-create the bug.

its also worth noting that it displays i have 2 items ticked, but this in correct as i only have the one shown ticked

I have taken a copy of the page source before it goes, not sure if this would be of any help.

Glenn if you want it please let me know.


Thanks for the additional information, I’ll see if we can replicate this now.

BTW What browser are you using?

Firefox 32.0 (Beta Channel)


Adblock Plus
Capture Saver
Find & Replace
Form History Control
Memory Fox
Multi Links
Print Edit
Session Manager
The Addon Bar (Restored)
Unhide Passwords
Web Developer

(Sorry know there is alot, but also know it maybe that one of the addons is causing the issue)


The previous time i had a later version of the browser and i still had the issue.

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OK I’m hoping it’s nothing to do with the extensions, or even browser related. I’ll try a few things and see what happens!

Are you bulk tagging or single tagging? If single tagging are you creating brand new invoices or linking the bank entries to pre-existing invoices?


My colleague and I have tried to replicate this but to no avail. What we’re going to do instead is modify the code to test if the entry we’re pulling out of the table is a number and to skip over it it fails the validation. NaN = Not a Number so hopefully this will work. Without replicating the issue and understanding the cause which is preferable, this is the best we can do.

i have been bulk tagging, and the untagging, cant bulk untag, not sure exactly how it happens, it isnt a big problem, just something i originally brought to light as it seemed strange, if you can leave this topic active, and over time the more it happens the more i will get used to the actions i am taking to create this anomaly, i wouldn’t expect you to search high and low for the cause since at the minute it doesn’t pose any issue other than aesthetic purposes (as far as i know)

i do alot of tagging/untagging and sorting columns, searching by reference etc, but again i am not entirely sure how i come to this point.

If you can reproduce this consistently and detail the steps that would be really great. I appreciate on a live account it’s not practical to do this, if however you stumble upon the problem again and can remember the steps we’ll do our best to replicate it.