Nationwide Bank Feed - Automatic?

I paid for Yodlee so that my Nationwide Bank would automatically feed into my QuickFile accounts. When accessing the accounts (later than expected) it had not uploaded but I was able to do this manually and assumed this was because it was my first time.

I have accessed the accounts again and nothing from Nationwide since October 2018! Tried to do a manual feed and although it says this is completed nothing has been updated and it will not allow me to update again for another half an hour. Very frustrating.

Please help so that I don’t have to update my bank manually and waste the money paid for this service! Thank you.

Hi @Louise1

Sorry to hear you’re having some issues with the feed.

Just to confirm the situation to make sure I’m on the right lines -

  • When you manually release the feed, you’re not prompted for any further details such as codes
  • You can enter a previous date for the transactions
  • But regardless of what start date you enter, nothing is imported.

Is that correct?

Hi, I have just tried again and realised that I needed to enter an date ‘from’ (thought is was a date ‘to’). I was only able to do this from the beginning of December which is frustrating as I now have a gap from 13th October to 2nd December.

Can you please tell me why the feed isn’t automatic? When I paid for this service I was led to believe that was the point! (it works for my Paypal account).


Hi @Louise1

It often depends on the bank or the login method. Are you prompted for any security codes when you do a manual refresh?

If so, an automatic update wouldn’t be possible because of the code being required during a refresh. If that’s not the case however, it could be that the feed is being reported to us incorrectly by Yodlee as requiring the code. Hopefully it’s the latter, which we can sort for you.


Thanks for your response. Unfortunately the bank is asking for a code each time I refresh which explains it. I will just have to ensure that I update the feed more regularly.

Thanks for your advice.