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Nationwide Credit Card transactions - open banking

I September I raised a topic regarding a problem with downloading CC transactions into Quickfile. I don’t seem to be able to reply on the original thread, which Matthew was dealing with.

At long last I have had a response from Nationwide and they confirm that there are two known issues, one of which they think may be resolved. It seems that if a date range is specified when requesting the transactions, then current transactions since the last statement will not be uploaded. However, if no date range is specified then all current transactions since the last statement will be uploaded.

Transactions from before the last statement can be uploaded by specifying a date range.

They say that all issues should be resolve by Feb-2020, although they have put a caveat on this.

Is it possible that you can try uploading transactions without specifying a date range please? I have not manually loaded any transactions since my last statement, so in theory this should bring in all current transactions.

This is the full explanation they provided:
“I’ve investigated this for you and I’d like to share my findings. I can confirm that we’ve had issues with the Open Banking service and Credit Card accounts. This issue was two-fold in that there was an issue with the limit of what could be shared via Open Banking, and with being able to view transactions.
Both these issues were affecting each other; however, I can confirm that we have resolved part of this issue with regards to the limit of what could be returned. This means that transactions can now been shared; however, this part of the issue is still subject to being resolved fully and may be reliant on other providers and how they operate their Open Banking Portals.
If the other provider asks you to provide a date range for transactions, the transactions since your last statement will not be shared. However, if they don’t ask to provide a date range or you can request the transactions without entering a date range, then transactions since your last statements will be shared.
If a date range is provided or required by the other provider, then transactions up to 90 days (the limit for Open Banking) and up to the last statement produced will be shared.
In essence this would require two separate requests in order to get a full 90 days of transactions. Whilst this is inconvenient, as the information can be shared, it is compliant with Open Banking. We are aware of this inconvenience and we are seeking to implement changes to resolve this, so they work in much the same way as Current Accounts. However, our current schedule to resolve this is February 2020.”

Hi @bernie

Thank you for the update.

Just to confirm how the feed works…

When you set up the feed, you can import up to around 30 days worth of transactions. This is based on the access we have. Anything older than this would need to be manually imported.
The main part of the feed is the overnight refreshes, which checks for transactions between 2 dates - a few days ago (which I think varies depending on the bank), and the current date.

In both instances, we supply a date range, which as far as I’m aware, we won’t be able to remove due to the nature of the feed. But hopefully the fixes will be brought forward by NatWest so this can be resolved soon.