Natwest bank feed chrome

Hi Glenn

Set up a Natwest bank feed but it won’t connect, has it something to do with the random pin and password?



HI @niall, when you’re saying it won’t connect is it showing any particular error message?

Hi Peter,

sorry for the late response. I can’t get the bank feed to link to my NatWest account. With NW it randomly chooses a combination characters from my password.
Unlike Barclays where you key in your l/i and go Is there another way to access my account?

Hi Niall,

In the Natwest feed settings you would typically provide your full password, the feed then supplies the ones request on the sign-in process. The is the same for Barclays too.

I can’t test Natwest as we no longer have a test account here, with that said I can see quite a few feed logins today for Natwest so it should work providing all the credentials are correctly saved.

Hi PeterK,

Again sorry for the late response. With Natwest they randomly choose from the PIN and the Password. Its’ not the same as Barclays. Have you another suggestion or have I missed something?

Hopefully I’ve attached a screen dump for you to see


Hi @niall, with the Natwest feed you would supply the full password and pin.

The Chrome extension then reads the page and knows which values to supply from each.

When you go to are you seeing the option to enter the above in the QuickFile header panel?

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