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Hello, some advice please regarding the NatWest bank feed, everything is set up and feeds are being exported to quickfile, however I have not been able to use it correctly since I set it up, when I open up Chrome and click onto NatWest, the banner is displayed, I put in the correct date, for this instance I am trying to bring across transactions for this week from the 17th to latest transaction yesterday, I have tried a number of dates but I keep getting the same transaction and dates from last week, 12th to 14th, I have tried putting 19th down but it says there are no transactions

Also, I have come across something I don’t understand regarding VAT, I manually import my bank statements to allow me to do my vat return, when tagging and creating new invoices, the vat that is automatically worked out based on the receipt amount is sometimes out by a few pence, the receipt will say the vat is £2.50 for instance but quickfile wont let it go higher then £2.46 etc

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Try logging in first, going to the download area and exporting to QuickFile from there once you have selected the dates. The feed unfortunately is not 100% perfect as the banks change their web interface from time to time, this can break things on our end.

Best to post separate queries under their own thread, however what is the gross amount on that receipt for the VAT to be calculated at £2.50?

That big a discrepancy sounds like a receipt with several line items where each line has had its VAT calculated separately, rounded to the nearest penny, and then all the lines added up. If you put in the total as a single line item in QF it’ll try and calculate the VAT as a proportion of the total and only then round to 2 decimal places.

It may be easier to get it to line up if you enter the purchase invoice directly through the purchases view rather than automatically through tagging, so you can enter the separate lines, then tag the bank entry as payment for the pre-existing purchase.

hi, thanks for the info, however it has still not worked, I logged into my NatWest account, I searched for the relevant transactions, once I was ready I exported the transactions to quickfile, however the same dates came up from last week, these dates did not match the dates I searched for

can you shed any light



It’s a little tricky for us to see this for ourselves as we no longer have a Natwest account we can use for internal testing. Are you saying the transactions do make it through to QuickFile but not for the dates you specified?

You can also trim the dates on QuickFile when importing to the account, also any matches should get ignored if the trim dates aren’t exactly right.

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