NatWest Bank Feed Duplicate Transaction

Dear Support,

My Yodlee bank feed is working well, except for today when I noticed it had added a duplicate transaction (everything else before and after is fine - it’s just the one transaction). I’ve attached a screenshot for you to see. I’ve also opened the tool tips on both transactions. They both arrived at 03.19 but 2 days apart. We didn’t import a bank statement manually, nor did we click the Refresh Bank Feeds option. Have you come across this before? It’s easy for us to delete the duplicate, but I thought it worth mentioning here first. Thank you as always.


Hi @Techology

I’ve identified these 2 transactions on your account (thank you for the screenshot - that was a great help!)

There are two things that stand out here:

  1. The date is different
  2. The description is different

While I can clearly see they are the same transaction, Yodlee doesn’t so it doesn’t detect a duplicate. Even our own checker checks date, description and amount, so it slipped past our own checker too.

You can safely delete the duplicate transaction on this occasion, but I have passed your screenshot onto our development team to have a look to see if we can work around this.

Unfortunately, the issue is particular to any bank in the RBS Group - Royal Bank of Scotland, Halifax, NatWest etc. We have recently added a bit about this in our guide, here

Totally understand. There’s no accounting for banks and what they do!

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