NatWest Bank feed not updating

I’m having trouble closing out my year end as the bank feed has stopped pulling through transactions.

There are about 6days not showing. I’ve tried the refresh bank feed, I’ve deleted the bank feed and set it back up. Still not pulling through.

Thoughts please.

When you click on account setting and then open banking, does it show active next to your feed?

On the same page, have you tried to click revoke and then install and activate your feed from scratch?

Also, a lot of banks use the time over new year to change things or to update things. Maybe it is worth speaking to your bank or just to wait a couple of days.

Hi @Stevenlcvt,

When you go to refresh your feed you can usually set the date back 14 days, this will then look back over that period. If you don’t set the date then it will only look for the past day or two.

Please let me know if you are still having problems and we can take a look at your account with you

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