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I am having problems with Natwest bank feed. It says that the information is incorrect, but cannot see why. Is there a way to reset the login information for natwest once I have done it in order for the bank feed to run to quick file?

Check the case (upper/lower) on the passwords and user IDs. Also if you’re copying and pasting make sure you’re not inadvertently adding any spaces to the beginning or end. Reseting the password or user credentials is something you’d need to do with Natwest, but you can update them on the bank feed plugging by clicking the settings button.

Where do I find the settings button? on Quickfile or Natwest website?

On Natwest you will see a panel like this appear on the login page:

You’d need to open the settings and copy the Quick File Import key and Quick File account number into the first 2 boxes.

I cannot see this panel on the login page. Is there anything I need to press to see it?

There is a blue box in the right hand corner and when I press it the different bank names come up. When I choose Natwest it doesn’t take me to settings - it takes me to the login page again. How do I re-enter the settings?

It should do that and then a panel should appear at the top with a settings button:

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It doesn’t take me to that page - it skips it and shows me to enter the pin and password. Therefor I cannot change it. What should I do?

Dear Glen
I tried in on a different computer and it worked immediately.
Thank you so much Glen for your time and patience (Sorry for calling you Garry before).
Your support is amazing!
Your Quick file program is fabulous!
And you are wonderful person.

Thank you once again.

Mrs Rapaport

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Thank you @Chani I’m glad you got there in the end! It seems your browser was somehow saving the username and number from previous sessions. I’m pretty certain that clearing your cache and cookies would solve that.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Just be careful with NATWEST. They don’t like the bank feed. They froze my account a month or so after I’d set it up, made me change my security and advised that if I set up again I would be closed down.

@RTSLTD this was the automated feed which we closed when Natwest expressed their disapproval. The OP was referring to the Chrome plugin (which doesn’t require you to hand over your login credentials). Anyone looking for an automated feed should consider moving to Barclays.

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