Natwest Bank Feed?

Thank you. I’ll await a reply.

Hi @HarefieldsCider,

A developer has made some changes. Please try again and let us know the outcome

No difference, when I return to Banking, Open banking feeds the Natwest account is not listed.

Please can you confirm that your QuickFile account number ends in 9027?

yes it finishes 9027

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QF Tech issiues…delete.pdf (60.5 KB)

I have just tried again and reached the your account has been extended to QF page on Natwest but instead of returning me to QF, the Natwest page fell into an auto cycle of refreshing that page and eventually settled on the page above. Please see screen grab.

Hi @HarefieldsCider

Thanks for this - that’s really helpful.

We’ve referred this to NatWest. Hopefully they’ll be able to shed some light on this for you.


I have tried again today to set-up the bank feed I’m paying for with QF but it the same result as yesterday.

Hi @HarefieldsCider,

Unfortunately it is an error on NatWest’s side. It may be worth you getting in touch with them as we are yet to hear back from them

Do you have any browser plugins such as ad blockers that might be interfering with the redirection process? Something I often find helps in a situation like this is to try the whole process again from an “incognito” window, which disables these kinds of extensions and ignores any persistent cookies etc. from your normal browser profile that might be getting in the way. It does mean you have to log in from scratch again to QuickFile and NatWest without any saved passwords and form auto-fill but it’s often a good step to eliminate possible points of failure.

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Well done Ian, top of the class for Support.
one comment, one suggestion, one minute, one fix.

Thanks. I don’t work for QuickFile but I am a web developer as part of my job so I’m used to debugging these kinds of issues in my own apps… It was the

that suggested it was something interfering with the redirection process rather than a problem on either NatWest or QuickFile per se.

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The idea that I’m meant to contact Natwest and speak to someone at Natwest about the feed for my QF software isn’t syncing with their website???
It’s a ridiculous suggestion.
Well done again Ian.

This screenshot shows an error on Natwests page not on QuickFile’s page, something was going wrong on their side which was stopping you being able to link to QuickFile. Which is why I suggested contacting them if you were still having this error. We logged this issue with them when you sent the screenshot but Banks aren’t the quickest at responding to us.


REALLY? Get up to speed.

So why did using Chrome in Incognito mode on my laptop connect the account first time?
The Natwest “we are having problems” page is a default page because the coding wanted to take my account details back to QF and create the account link.
An Ad blocker on my PC was stopping Natwest from doing this. Natwest keeps trying and eventually assumes they are having problems and shows the “we are having problems” page.
Their is nothing wrong with QF or Natwest page but an ad/ pop up blocker on my PC.
Make a note of Ian’s incognito suggestion for future reference, if support had suggested this yesterday it could have saved me a lot of time.

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