Natwest Bank Feed?

In the past I have had bank feed working correctly.
I’m looking to re connect a Natwest Bank Feed.
I complete the set-up process, banking…bank feeds…connect…sign in to Natwest Select the account etc, the page tells me that Natwest has extended access to Quickfile etc but when I return to Quickfile nothing has changed, no update, no option to update on demand, I have signed out and back in to quickfiles.
I go back to banking…bank feeds etc and it takes me back to the beginning saying a bank feed is a available etc. Where am I going wrong here?
What’s curious, while going through the bank feed set-up process it does not ask me for the complete password and pins, so how could it automatically sign in for me without all the data??
Some advice please…

Hi @HarefieldsCider,

If you go to Banking >> Open Banking Feeds does the link you’ve made with natwest appear here?

Hi Beth,

No the link does not appear.
Just the blue click box…"+ Connect a bank"
I have removed and reinstalled the Quickfile bank feed plug in too.


What I have also noticed is the extension drop down menu is also corrupted. See top right, No Natwest, favicon.

QF Extension Plug in corruption menu. Delete…pdf (57.4 KB)

is Plug in Version 1.40 the correct / latest plug in?

The Chrome bank feed plugin was retired quite a long time ago. You need to connect using Open Banking Feeds.


And where do I find that?

Hi @HarefieldsCider,

You can connect with open banking by going to Banking >> Open Banking Feeds and then clicking that blue button you mentioned above

Actually Lurch, your contribution is of no benefit. Please read the original post. Open bank feeds is not listing my account to link within QF after following the steps.

You too re-read the original message, I have done that…the Natwest account is not there when I return to QF.
Answer me this…when connecting an account will it ask me to enter my full password?

Hi @HarefieldsCider,

It may be worth contacting your bank. Once you’ve clicked to connect to the bank you are redirected to one of their pages to log in to open banking. You should be asked for the same details you would need should you want to log in via your web browser. QuickFile do not have any control over this, we just get a link from the bank once you’ve made the connection.

With regards to the chrome plug-in, as @Lurch mentioned above these were discontinued a while back so you may want to uninstall it


As I explained in the original message, I have signed into the Natwest and selected the account and confirmed my selection. I am then taken to a page say Natwest has extended access to QF and I am then shown a page redirecting me to QF or to manually do it if it does not happen after a few minutes.
I explained all of this in the first message!!!
When I return to QF the Natwest account is not listed on your webpage, on the ‘Bank Feed Overview Page’ so I can’t select it and link it to the account I have set-up in QF.
Contacting my bank won’t do anything.
PLEASE return to the original message I post over an hour ago and READ IT. and then provide some support to the problem not the last comment made and or escalate it to someone who can effectively provide support and understand the problem and track the problem from begginning to end.
This is not a good approach to support resolution.

Hi @HarefieldsCider

This is the extension that @Lurch referred to. We no longer support this unfortunately, so you need to use Open Banking as @QFBeth mentioned.

I am a little confused however by your original post (which I think has tripped both Lurch and Beth up too), which seems to suggest you are using Open Banking which isn’t related to the plugin? Were you using the two together?

If during the connecting process, NatWest isn’t asking you for any login details, or prompting you to select any bank accounts, this is an issue on NatWest’s side, which is unfortunately outside of our control (for security). As far as I am aware, when you try to connect, the bank will always request a username and password, and generally some form of multi-factor authentication too (like a code from a text message), but again, this is controlled by NatWest.

If you can confirm if this is Open Banking that you’re experiencing the issue with, and let us know of any error(s) you’re seeing (if any), we can certainly try to assist you further.

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I am NOT using QF extension and have removed it. I can’t see how it would be possible to use it on your site as it has been deactivated by you.!?

As explained in the original message I go bank feeds, click connect account, select Natwest etc etc, I arrive at the Natwest banking page, it asks me for my DOB and unique number, then asks me for various numbers from my pin and then asks me for three random characters from my password.
I do all of this and enter Natwest, I then select the account I want QF to access and then confirm my choice. I am then taken to a page saying access has been extended to QF.
I return to QF go to banking / banking feeds then land on the “banking feed overview page” but my Natwest account is not showing!!! THIS IS THE PROBLEM PART!!!
You need to select the account on this page to complete the banking feed process within QF.

Question 1, Is that the normal “connect an account process” ?
Question 2. Why does my account not appear on the “banking feed overview page” ?

QF Select account.pdf (61.7 KB)

QF confirmed and returning page.pdf (53.0 KB)

QF no account showing.pdf (55.9 KB)

Please see the three PDF / screen grabs above,the bank feed page is blank once selecting the account and refreshing the QF page.

Yes or no…
Are these the pages you would expect to see from natwest if it was a correct account feed set-up.

Answer yes or no please

Apologies for any confusion, but as you posted a screenshot of that, along with a query relating to the version number, I just wanted to clarify this wasn’t being used. While we no longer support it, if you previously had it installed and the bank hasn’t changed anything, it would still work. In most cases, it won’t work however.

As far as I can tell, yes. I have however asked a member of our development team to investigate and see if they can see any problems.

As soon as they’ve had a look, either myself or a colleague will respond.