Natwest Bankline & Chrome Plugin Bank Feed set up

I’m new to Quick File. Having downloaded the Chrome Plug in, and selecting Natwest as my bank, it takes me to Online Banking login…rather than to business banking and Bankline login.

Please kindly advise how to configure for Natwest Business Banking via Bankline. Also I have my bank statement download as a CSV file, but then read the 2014 thread about problems mapping this. Any assistance appreciated.

Hi @Sandy_Medway

Welcome to QuickFile!

At the moment the bank feed only uses the standard NatWest business banking, which looks like this:

Connecting with banks is always an issue I’m afraid as there are no direct links with them to enable a smooth transfer of transaction data, so the plug in is very much a workaround.

With the CSV files, I’m not aware of any issues at the moment. Have you tried this and received an error at all? If not, it may be worth giving it a go with a small number of transactions. If you do have issues, if you could send us your copy of the CSV, we’re more than happy to help you further and see if we can get it working for you.

Thanks for prompt reply. The screen image you have shown is only for personal online banking and not the business banking login screen. I contacted bankline who said I should contact the software company.

I’ve then tried uploading my CSV file a few times…but the error message says ‘No transactions were saved to your account. Please check that the columns in your CSV file were correctly mapped’. I haven’t found a way to do any mapping.

It does indeed say Personal - well spotted! I’ll ask my colleague to take a look into this. As I mentioned above, unfortunately things like this are just a workaround as there isn’t an available method to pull data from the banks.

As for the CSV file - would you be able to send me a copy in a private message please, and I’ll see if we can get this working for you? To send me a message, click my name and then ‘Message’

Thank you. I’ve just seen another thread and found the way to map my CSV file - and succeeded in doing this. So now I have 648 transactions imported and am looking at tagging.

We are a charity so my donors are ‘clients’ and I’m tagging their donations to General Sales…but we will need to next look at the chart of accounts to create some new ledger labels for restricted funds. I’m getting there…but glad to know there is help at hand when I’m stuck.

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Glad you got the CSV file working! :slight_smile:

I’ve checked the login page issue with a colleague, and although it actually says ‘Personal’ at the top of the page, you can login to your business account and use the chrome plugin successfully.

I’m not sure if Bankline is a separate product that Natwest offers, but at the moment, we only support the page I posted above for Natwest.