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Hi It’s been a year since I used quickfile and I paid for the integration with the bank and found out it didnt work with natwest business banking just the personal account. has this changed? can i import my statement from natwest BUSINESS banking now?

Hello @anthony_rice

What issues were you experiencing before? I ask because NatWest has always been supported for business accounts.

Hi Thanks for your reply, the is a difference between business bankline and business online banking, there was no integration with just natwest business banking which i have. i raised it at the time and they said it was on the cards to be done. in the banking list in the knowledge base, it shows up as personal and business bankline only, my question is …has the business online banking be brought in to the integration option?

The integration is done by Yodlee rather than on our side, but they support all the major banks - NatWest should be included in this. I’ve done a search to connect an account with NatWest and the following list is shown:


What web address do you use for NatWest to log into your online banking? We can do a search based on this which may be a better indicator.

thanks again, there is two business banking logins, bankline and just business online banking, it’s the standard one whic is not covered, I will try third party again, cheers

the centre one that it online banking

Based on the URL there, Yodlee returns this:

And continuing the process takes you to this:


I notice however that although it says “” at the top of the screen, the link at the bottom takes you to the site, which is where your middle button takes you from the screenshot.

ok thanks I will try again, cheers
For the help

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