Natwest Business (Bankline) Statement Import


Our business’s bank accounts are with Natwest, which uses an online banking service called ‘Bankline’ which is separate to the consumer service. As a result, when we try to import the csv statements into QuickFile, we have to do them manually as the existing ‘Natwest’ option is incompatible.

Is it possible to get a new option added for Bankline? We use the same options every time:

  • Transaction Date: Column 10
  • Description: Column 11
  • Money Out: Column 17 (Negative)
  • Money In: Column 18

The description in the csv is actually split over 5 columns (11-15). Column 12 occasionally has useful information, thought 13-15 generally don’t. If it’s possible to combine columns 11 and 12 that would be ideal; if not then column 11 is fine on it’s own.



Creating an entry for Bankline shouldn’t be an issue, we can use the mappings as per your suggestion. Although it would be good if we could test with a Bankline CSV to ensure it’s working OK, I will contact you separately about this.

The pattern matching tool unfortunately won’t merge the columns so we’d need to just go with column 11.

I will send you a separate private message to discuss further.

Just to let you know the BankLine import option is now available to use within QuickFile. Thank you for sending a test CSV it was useful to validate the mappings.

Also if you go into your bank settings you can change the account to ‘BankLine’ so you will no longer need to change the drop down menu when importing.

Hi Glenn,

I’ve changed over the bank accounts to bankline and imported a csv for today; works perfectly!



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