Natwest Business Credit (ClearSpend)

I’m trying to link the natwest business bank account and the natwest credit card account with active feeds, but seems I can only do one or the other? Is this correct?

I use clear spend for the credit card.

Hi @cprlighting

From what I understand, ClearSpend uses the same authentication method as the NatWest accounts. As such, this isn’t supported at the moment.

There’s a more detailed thread on this here: NatWest Business Credit Card Feed

Hi @cprlighting

Coincidentally I received a letter from NatWest this morning indicating that their Cards Online service will be closing on 15th October 2020 and ClearSpend will be the only route to obtain statements.

For those of us that have previously used the bank feed to link our bank accounts to Quickfile and have downloaded CSV files from Cards Online for credit cards this means that we will no longer have the CSV option.

The only option will be to add a further intermediate step by importing the PDF statements from ClearSpend into Excel and extracting the relevant tables to save as CSV and upload.

It would certainly be a time saving option if we could link to both NatWest accounts and ClearSpend cards rather than having a manual process for one.

In my expirence extracting pdfs to excel often doesn’t work and you spend a lot of time having to tidy up the extracted data.

My advice is to download a program called Able2Extract. It’s a brilliant peice of software

You can create and save a table which overlays over your pdf statement. And then with one click it will export all data correctly formatted to a csv file.

The saved table can be used each and every time you need to extract a pdf so it saves hours of work.

Is it the bank (or the Open Banking platform in general) who imposes this limit of one consent per bank per user, or is it something QuickFile has chosen to restrict?

As it stands, it’s a restriction within QuickFile. This post may be of interest (which also relates to ClearSpend): NatWest Business Credit Card Feed

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Just a quick update here. We’ve now created a unique profile for ClearSpend, this means you can setup a NatWest current account and a ClearSpend account independently.