NatWest Business Credit Card Feed

How do I enable a bank feed for a NatWest Business Credit Card please? The NatWest bank account feed is already enabled but the credit card account doesn’t have the option in its menu to add the bank feed.

Hi @timbrooksbank

As you already have a bank feed, you will need to completely revoke the current feed, and re-add it.

When you go through the authorisation process, you should be given the option to authorise both accounts. Unfortunately, banks don’t allow you to amend the authorisation once it’s been set up.

Hello, I’m having the same issue, Ive tried to revoke it and reset it up but there is still no option to add the business card. There is the option to add personal current accounts, as well as the business current account but no option for the credit card.

Hi @cprlighting

Are they all on the same login and part of the same entity on your online banking account?

The credit card uses a different site called cards online, which is I’m guessing why the credit card account doesn’t show.

Is there a way of adding this?

What’s the web address you use to access this? I’ll need to query this with our development team to see what the situation is.

Thankyou Mathew

I use the below link

I use the same for NatWest business/commercial cards.

If I follow the suggested process of revoking the bank feeds then reinstating them it’s possible to make a complete mess of things by linking the bank account feed to the card account ledger! Not desirable at all.

Dear QuickFile - could you please fix this lack of ability to connect a feed for NatWest business/commercial cards? Thank you.

Hi @timbrooksbank

This very much depends on the support from NatWest. It seems like they offer a few different interfaces for their cards. We currently support the one through their main online banking, but we’re looking into the availability of a feed for the above link.

Providing a feed exists, and it meets Open Banking standards, then it shouldn’t be an issue.

That would be brilliant if they could. At the moment you can’t link personal or business credit cards to there online banking.

Please let us know if you have any luck with this.

Kindest regards

Potentially the feed needs to be via NatWest Clearspend as that does link through to a page where it’s possible to view third party data connections granted. There’s no means of connecting to this from QuickFile though at present.

More specifically, Clearspend does show when you try to connect to NatWest, but once you’ve connected a NatWest bank account then QuickFile prevents you from connecting to NatWest a second time, whereas NatWest requires the process to be done twice, once for the bank accounts themselves and a second time for Clearspend to connect card accounts. Unfortunately QuickFile blocks this second round of connectivity as once NatWest is connected then QuickFile removes NatWest from the list of banks which can be connected to, unless you revoke the feed, but even then you can only connect once, so QuickFile lets you connect to NatWest bank accounts, or NatWest clearspend (card accounts) but QuickFile won’t permit both to be enable simultaneously.

Hi @timbrooksbank

Just to confirm - are you able to use the same login for both your NatWest accounts, and the NatWest credit card?

No, it’s a different login on a different web address, however using the QuickFile activate bank feed function for NatWest takes you to a NatWest webpage where there a buttons to connect regular bank accounts, Bankline (NatWest’s corporate banking platform) or Clearspend, so what is needed is a way to get back to that NatWest connection page multiple times. At present QuickFile doesn’t support that.

Hi @timbrooksbank

Right now we don’t support multiple consents for the same banking entity. The problem here is Natwest have implemented different logins for different parts of their service (e.g. credit cards, current accounts etc), but unified everything under one area for Open Banking. Some of these additional options were also bolted on after we created our initial feed.

In most cases a bank will provide a single login so that one entity (e.g. a LTD company) can access and link all services under one consent. Natwest have gone for a different approach that would require us to make some underlying changes to our system.

I’ve asked for this to be reviewed on a technical level to see what can be done.

Hello, is there any update on this? I’ve confirmed with NatWest that it is the Clearspend portal the feed would connect to.

I’ve also tried manually uploading a bank statement from Clearspend to Quickfile, Quickfile rejects the file format from Clearspend, although it does accept files from NatWest Cards Online.

Hi @timbrooksbank

There aren’t any updates here I’m afraid.

If you select “Other” as your bank, you should be able to manually map the columns and upload the file this way.

Is there any update to this? Selecting “other” and mapping the CSV does not work as Quickfile is unable to read the CSV file properly, it thinks everything is in the same column and ignores the commas which separate items.

I should add the other option of using NatWest Cards Online is closing shortly, so all of us who are NatWest users have no way of proceeding with Quickfile and will be forced to cancel our Quickfile subscriptions and move to FreeAgent which is able to correctly connect to NatWest bank and card feeds. FreeAgent is not as capable as Quickfile so it would be a shame to be forced to jump ship from Quickfile.

My natwest credit card and bank account are linked to quickfile. All my accounts have the same log in, if that helps