NatWest Business Credit Card Feed

Is the card a personal card or a NatWest Commercial / Business card? Personal cards appear in NatWest Online Banking so link easily, but Commercial / Business cards do not, they route through a different NatWest system.

Hi, it’s a personal card, which i use for business.

Makes sense then, as why yours doesn’t show.


I’ve just come across this thread. I had a Natwest Business Credit Card feed working in QF and noticed now that it’s stopped working. I don’t use the card that much, but it would be nice for this to still work. I don’t remember getting a notification to say it stopped working either :frowning:

Hi @tobyw7,

Sorry to hear that your feed for the credit card has stopped working. When you renewed the access for your feed did you select for all of the accounts? this may be what has caused the credit card to stop

I never had a renewal come through. I have a separate account with Natwest for the main account and this works fine still.

QuickFile only allows one open banking authorisation per bank (not sure whether this is just a QuickFile limitation or an inherent part of the Open Banking protocol), so you can only connect two accounts at the same bank if they can both be authorised under the same OB link (typically, if you can access both through the same online banking login rather than having to log in separately to a different URL for each account).

It’s a QuickFile limitation. Sage, Xero and FreeAgent do not impose this restriction. In most respects QuickFile is far superior from an accounting viewpoint to FreeAgent which is the closest in terms of cost, but its outdated bank feed regime is a real problem which disappointingly nobody at QuickFile seems to be taking seriously.

Tim Brooksbank

Hi @timbrooksbank

Thank you for your feedback.

Please rest assured that we do take this seriously. As my colleague mentioned above, this is something that will be reviewed in due course.

Hi @tobyw7,

Your feed will renew every 90 days, so you may find when you last allowed access you only allowed for your current account.

It might be worth trying to revoke the banks access and starting again making sure to allow for both the credit card and the current account

The problem is specifically that QuickFile can not cope with banks who require a separate sign on for cards vs current accounts. I flagged this with QuickFile in March who keep saying it will be investigated but it never is which is very disappointing when other major accounting platforms don’t suffer from this shortcoming.

Tim Brooksbank

Hi @timbrooksbank

Hopefully you saw my message above. Please rest assured that this is with our developers to investigate. We will post any updates on our forum as soon as we have them.

I think what @timbrooksbank and @ian_roberts are saying is correct. I think the previous feeds with Yodlee allowed the CC feed.

Looking at my CC feed in QF it’s been neglected since last year (luckily only a couple of payments on it since) so I’ve got some admin to do but again shame there was no notification or email to say that the feed was no longer updating.

Hi tobyw7

again shame there was no notification or email to say that the feed was no longer updating.

That is actually not true. They sent out emails, they had a post here on the forum stuck to the top for quite a while and there was a note on the account dashboard.

as in a notification to say that the feed had stopped for the account in question, not that the bank feeds were stopping as I had configured the main current account with Open Bank feeds for that reason.

Hi @tobyw7

Just to confirm, that if it was an Open Banking feed that worked, there would be no reason for it to stop working unless the bank changed things on their end. This does happen without notification.

If it’s an Open Banking feed that used to work but doesn’t any longer, and the bank hasn’t changed anything that you’re aware of, we can certainly take a look into this to see why it’s stopped working.

I think the old feed was a Yodlee. Like others have said the login is different for Credit Cards. I end up going on via which gives me a RBS login, but once the username is entered it takes you to a NatWest branded page.

I’m happy to do some testing but don’t want it to break if I revoke the Open Banking feed? From what I can remember you can’t tap into 2 separate feeds from the same provider?

Hi Just to say we really need this feed working also and would have hoped QF could have solved this issue by now…? When can we expect this to be working by? thanks

A timeline would be very helpful, I’ve been waiting 6 months. It’s always “being looked into”.

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Hi @timbrooksbank @pmlarc @tobyw7

I have an update from our development team on this.

The support for this will hopefully be going into testing this week, so I’d like to think that this time next week I can give you a better update.

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Thank you, that’s appreciated as NatWest is about to close its cardsonline corporate service which is the only means of importing cars statements into QuickFile as their replacement service Clearspend won’t interface with QF.

Tim Brooksbank