Update on Yodlee Bank Feeds

With the full implementation of the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) rules scheduled for 14th March, we will be closing all remaining Yodlee bank feeds. We recommend that you switch to one of our direct Open Banking feeds ahead of this date. You can find information on how to connect an Open Banking feed on the link below.

Managing Open Banking Feeds

Over the last year we have established direct feeds with over 20 of the largest banks in the UK, you can see our full list of Open Banking feeds here. We will continue to prioritise direct feeds on the Open Banking platform, where the banks have the necessary infrastructure in place. If your bank is not currently listed please get in touch and we will do what we can to support you.

Is a Co-Op Bank feed going to be possible, and if so, how quickly?

We’ve tried to reach Co-op directly, although we’ve not had any response. They are listed on the Open Banking directory, although they don’t have any published documentation on their API yet. I’ve emailed our contact at Open Banking to look further into this and we’ll report back as soon as we have more information.

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Any chance you’ll be adding Metrobank as well?

Hi dvdrmn,
Metro Bank is already supported within yodlee feed but the feed will close on 14th of March. Please refer to the link below. At the moment Metro Bank is not supported for open banking in quickfile. But Metro Bank supports open banking since 2018 and has a good API documentation, so there is may a good chance that they are added soon.

Can I make a plea that QuickFile adds Metro Bank before Yodlee is closed on 14 March?

@dvdrmn @PenguinPaul Unfortunately Metro bank have indicated that they are not in a position to launch their Open Banking API before the 14th March deadline. This is disappointing as we were hoping it would be ready and have sidelined resources to get our end complete once it goes live.

We remain optimistic however that Metro will release a compliant Open Banking API soon after the March deadline and we will prioritise the work to integrate that feed once everything is in place.

Hi Glenn,
Thanks for this, but I am not clear where this leave people who can no longer use the service they paid for. Could you please clarify.

Hi @Bolz

If you let me know the name of your bank we will be more than happy to look into the viability of getting your bank added, assuming they have an Open Banking. Feel free to drop me a PM with the details.

Had an email telling me that Tide is now in the Open Banking feed - Great! However, it’s not appearing in the list when I click “+ Connect a bank”. What am I missing?

Oh dear :frowning: This seems to have gone from ‘bad’ to ‘worse’. With reference to my posting at the link below and also the subsequent private messaging with the team ay QF, my TIDE EUR account can no longer connect at all as “There are currently no Open Banking feeds that are available to map to this bank account”. Anyone else in the same situation? Your shared knowledge would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

@Richie apologies, there was a delay switching on the new Tide feed once the email had been sent. It should be there now.

@Mark_Wyllie you’d need to create an Open Banking consent first. In the “Banking” menu select “Open Banking Feeds” then click the button and select your bank from the list.


If you have any problems with that process, please drop one of us a private message and we’ll look into it for you.

I’d like the following to be added but can’t find out if they support open banking:

  • Cambridge & Counties
  • Virgin Money
  • Aldermore

I am another cooperative bank user. Please keep us informed. Am I correct in tnhinking that after the 15th if you are not able to get the Coop bank to subscribe to open banking through quickfile we will no longer be able to access our account using your software?

We would have to reconsider our use of Quickfile if the Co-op feed was no longer available. Info for Open Banking TPPs, including the registration and sandbox procedure, is here https://www.co-operativebank.co.uk/onlinebanking/open-banking/third-party-providers

@druidude @steve.manning

We have tried to reach out to Co-op bank on a couple of occasions but have not yet had a response. Unfortunately Co-op look likely to miss the 14th March deadline for delivery of their Open Banking API, we hope that they will have this in place shortly afterwards and as is the case with Metro we will be prioritising that integration.

Co-op do have what is known as a Modified Customer Interface (MCI), although this is still dependent on screen scraping and the development time is far longer than what would be required for a standard API integration. It is unfortunately not viable for us to go down that route when it could well be pulled by April / May.

Hello Glenn, where this leave us regarding Metro? Could you please clarify?

Metro are in a similar situation to Co-op (explained in my last post). Metro are working on an API, but it seems like they will miss the March 14th extension deadline for SCA. I’ve emailed them again for an update and we’ll move forward with the development as soon as their APIs are live.

So what will happen if they can’t get the API in time? What will happen to us between 14th of march and the date metro will provide us API?

If that was the case then you’d need to revert to manual upload from a spreadsheet. We would of course be happy to issue a pro-rata refund on any remaining bank feed sub.