Natwest Feed discontinuation

Just had a phone call from Natwest!

Apparently the Bank Feed is not approved by them and they have shut down by online banking.
I now have to go back to my relationship manager and setup my account for online access again.

A process that is going to take a while and for which time I will be without online access to my account.


It is possible that if the pin or password was entered incorrectly in the feed settings page that the account may lock. We do place a very prominent warning to advise users of this possibility.

The feed is not approved by Natwest, that is correct…Natwest don’t approve any feed used by an accounting system or 3rd party application. Our system like others use automation to log in and retrieve the statement details.

I appreciate your frustration here, unfortunately we can only work with the very limited tools at our disposal. If Natwest developed an API we would be the first to integrate with this, but unfortunately like most banks they don’t see the value in allowing other systems to access bank statement information, which leaves us with very poor options.

I’ve just had the same today. Natwest online fraud team call advising that such 3rd party access is a breach of the terms and conditions of online banking so they are closing down my online banking and I have to reset.

I too received a call from the NatWest Fraud team yesterday. They advised that third party access is in breach of the terms and conditions of their online banking system, and as a result have closed our online account.

Advice to NatWest customers who have had their online banking service closed:
you can re-register with NatWest on their website, and if you register using your debit card you will get instant access to your account once again. Just means you will have a new online customer number. I also advise you to delete the Bank Feed Settings on quick file at the same time.

Based on this information we will discontinue our feed with Natwest. It is however unfortunate that they have decided to take such measures rather than work with us (or even consult with us) to provide a more effective solution.

We only ever provided this service as a convenience to our users and we are not doing anything different to other larger bank aggregators. Nonetheless we will respect the will of Natwest and remove the feed today. For those still looking for a way to automatically import their transactions I am afraid the only choice is now Barclays.

The situation in this country is ridiculous. Bank feed APIs have been introduced in lots of countries. It’s simple and secure - and safer for customers. And it’s read-only, FFS. This is belligerence, pure and simple. Somebody needs to kick the Old Boy network up the harris in the UK, and force them into making the investment.

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Exactly the same has happened with my personal and business Natwest Bank Accounts just last week. I set up my business banking without issue, but became logged out etc when I pluggedin my personal account…

I would now like to see if I can utilise quickfile without the plugin - can anyone help with removing/un-installing the plugin? Thanks

Hi - how do I delete the bank feed settings please?

No need… We have permanently deleted all records of any Natwest feed data stored in our system.

The bank feed plugin does not involve you handing over credentials to any 3rd party and will still work fine with Natwest business accounts. Having said that we still don’t know why Natwest started to systematically reset their customers accounts without any consultation?

For those aggrieved by the closure of this service please get behind initiatives like The Open Bank Project. Quick File has no interest in profiteering from bank feeds, we believe in the 21st century people should be able to easily extract and share data through the use of open standards. Read-only bank statement data poses very little in the way of risk to banks and as @OgilvieNash rightly points out the UK is lagging behind on this front.

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Thats great, thanks for the quick response - the accounts are still showing transactions though…?
When were records deleted and what do I do now with the held information still showing? Do I just delete the viewable transactions and ‘thats it’?

We don’t delete the transactions, only the Natwest credentials stored on our system. If you no longer need those transactions you can manually delete them.

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