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Need help preparing VAT RETURN

I’m trying to prepare my VAT RETURN for May-August but keep getting the message:

“The start date you have supplied predates a VAT return you have submitted in the past for a period ending 30 September 2019”

The May-August return in my HMRC Reports Obligations is still listed as ‘open’ and asks me to ‘prepare’. But When I click ‘prepare’ I just keep getting this above message.

I can’t figure out what that means or how to change the start date or what I need to do to be able to submit my return.

Can someone please help.


Hi @domellis

It sounds like you already have a VAT return on your account which covers the same period (either partially or completely).

If you go to Reports >> VAT Returns, do you see a return that could be conflicting there?

Thanks QF Mathew.

I do have a vat return in there which is wrongly labelled from 1 July-9th September but can’t see a way to delete it.

There’s an option that says ‘roll back vat return’

Do I need to press that?


Hi @domellis,

Yes, if you roll back the vat return that will essentially ‘undo’ the return. Freeing up the invoices to be included in the actual return.

Hope this helps

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