Need help with VAT return

My book keeper has gone awol and I have to fill in my VAT return myself. Can someone talk me through it as I don’t seem to be able to find a guide anywhere. Not sure how I get the figures into the correct boxes.


Hello @alexp

It looks like you are using our bridging module to submit your return.

Here’s the step by step guide on how to use it.

Hi Steve

Many thanks. I didn’t know I was using the bridging module and don’t actually know what it means as this assumes that I am using spreadsheets to store the info. Is there not a way that quickfile can produce the VAT report from the data I have entered into quickfile?

Hello @alexp

In Reports Vat Returns > Settings

  • You would need to ensure you have the correct VAT filing start date (QuickFile would ignor any transactions prior to this date)

  • Untick Bridging module

When you next generate a return it would look at QuickFiles transactions from the date you specified up to the end of the period you select for the return to generate the figures

Great, thanks I will do that. I assume that as I want to do my current VAT return the start date would be 1st February?

It’ll be the start of whichever is the first quarter you want to file - 1st feb would work if you’re doing the Feb-Apr quarter (deadline 7th June).

Thanks so much works a treat

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