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Negative cash register takings


Wondering how you enter a negative figure for for daily takings on the cash register tool. Occasionally doing a cash refund will take the daily cash takings into a negative but the tool doesn’t seem to take a negative figure.


I don’t know that that is possible, but an alternative for that day might be to ignore the cash register tool and just make a copy of a previous day’s invoice, adjust the details, then log payment manually. Presumably you’ve ended up with a card sales total that exceeds the invoice total, so what you’d do there is either

  • log the invoice as paid in full by card, then manually add another “money in” on the card merchant account for the difference and tag it as a transfer from petty cash, or
  • log the full card payment (which will pay the invoice in full and leave some unallocated), then go to the payment and “refund balance” from petty cash


Hi @Daz

Just to confirm what @ian_roberts said - at the moment, negative balances aren’t possible through the cash register tool.

However, what Ian has suggested would work on this occasion.


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